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Telecom Products Buys New and Used Cisco Phone Systems

Telecom Products Corporation buys and sells diverse phone systems and equipment, with over 60 brands as part of our offerings. This helps us to ensure that our customers can both get the equipment they need, and that they’ll have a partner to take used systems off of their hands.

One of our 60 brands of focus is Cisco, and we are able to buy and sell used Cisco phones, as well as offer needed replacement parts for specific models. Keep reading to learn about our process for when we buy and sell Cisco phones, which systems we’re most looking for, and more.

Get big bucks for your used Cisco IP phones!

Selling Cisco Used Phones

If your business is needing to sell your used Cisco phones so you can move on to newer, more advanced models, Telecom is your go-to source for top dollar! Audemars Piguet Replica

We accept new, used, out-of-warranty, discontinued, obsolete, and decommissioned Cisco systems up to twenty years old. A few key notes about our buying process for customers looking to sell Cisco equipment:

  • Our turnaround time is very quick, as we can often respond to customers who reach out to us through our site in minutes
  • Our quotes to buy are provided in writing
  • Our company offers nationwide pickup to make your selling process as simple and streamlined as possible
  • We also provide de-installations nationwide as well

We buy Cisco phones and we can’t buy enough!

Used Cisco Phone Systems We Prioritize

Some of the used Cisco phone systems we prioritize include the following models:

  • CP 8821 Wireless IP Phones – These systems provide a rugged and secure 802.11 wireless LAN handset that are ideal for workers in rigorous, industrial settings
  • CP 8831 IP Conference Units – These Cisco IP phones allow companies’ employees to collaborate by way of high-quality audio communications, ideally suited for medium and large conference rooms
  • CP 8845 IP Phones (CP 8845-K9) – Secure and easy to use, these Cisco IP phones provide HD video, mobile device integration, Bluetooth capability, and more
  • CP 8861-K9 IP Phones – These Cisco phones are business-class, and are touted for their reliability, security, scalable voice over IP communications, and more
  • CP 8865-K9 Phones – These Cisco phones are simple to use, provide high-fidelity voice communication, and incorporate HD video

Other Cisco phones that we prioritize include:

  • Cisco CP-8845 Phones
  • CiscoCP-8851 Phones
  • Cisco CP-8861 Phones
  • Cisco CP-8865 Phones
  • Cisco CP-8841 Phones
  • Cisco CP-7821 Phones
  • Cisco 8800 Series Phones
  • Cisco 7800 Series Phones
  • Cisco CP-8832 Phones
  • Cisco CP-8831 Phones
  • Cisco 8845 Phones
  • Cisco 8851 Phones
  • Cisco 8861 Phones
  • Cisco 8865 Phones
  • Cisco 8841 Phones
  • Cisco 7821 Phones
  • Cisco 8800 Phones
  • Cisco 7800 Phones
  • Cisco 8831 Phones
  • Cisco 8832 Phones

Looking to Buy Cisco Phone Systems or Parts?

Along with all we can offer for companies needing to sell their used Cisco phones, we additionally can provide used Cisco phones and their replacement parts for businesses that need to make an upgrade or swap out anything defective.

At Telecom Products Corporation, systems aren’t used or obsolete – they’re here. We supply parts for systems up to 25 years old, and we specialize in hard-to-find items. We have an extensive inventory to help ensure that we can supply the essential parts our customers need.

Same-day shipping and delivery is available for emergency parts nationwide.

Buy from the experts and get the best telephone systems for your company!

Contact Our Team Today About Used Cisco Phones!

If you’re ready to buy, sell, or get parts for used Cisco phones, be sure to reach out to us today. We buy Cisco phones for top dollar and sell phone systems to companies seeking out an upgrade.

We’ll assess your needs and deliver the best telecommunication solution for your business, so contact us today!