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VoIP Phones

Sell or Buy 2019 VoIP Phones, or Older Models, at Telecom Products Corporation!

At Telecom Products Corporation, we buy, sell, and supply parts for a wide range of phone systems and brands, with VoIP phones being among them. Let’s take a look at some specifics on VoIP telephones and everything you can expect from Telecom!

What Are VoIP Phones?

VoIP phones, also known as IP phones, utilize voice over internet protocol technology that transmits calls over an IP network rather than the traditional public switched telephone network.

Because of their internet protocol design, these phones support a variety of features that ordinary telephones do not, which makes them ideal for many businesses. This can include email-like IDs, simple sharing of contact lists, call transferring and holding, conference calling, call parking, call blocking, and more. Omega Replica Watches

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Our VoIP Telephone Offerings

As you can see on our homepage, we deal in a wide range of major phone brands including Samsung, Polycom, Cisco, and many more.

If you want VoIP phones for your business, we have many systems that can meet your needs. We additionally have supply parts for preexisting phone systems your company may already utilize, so if you need a replacement VoIP phone or a component of one, we’re ready to help!

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Sell Used VoIP Phones

Have old VoIP phones you want to get rid of so you can move on to newer models? We’re buying, and Telecom is the best place to go for top dollar!

We accept new, used, out–of–warranty, discontinued, obsolete, and decommissioned VoIP systems up to twenty years old. For customers who are ready to sell their phone systems, keep in mind that:

  • We can supply a fast turnaround time, often responding to customers who reach out to us within minutes
  • We offer all of our quotes to buy in writing
  • We're can supply nationwide pickup to help streamline everything
  • We can also supply de-installations nationwide as well

Don't let your phone system depreciate in the closet… sell it to Telecom Products NOW and get cash for it!

Ready to Buy or Sell VoIP Phones? Reach Out to Us! swiss replica watches

Contact our team to buy phones, sell phones, or acquire VoIP parts. We’re ready to help!